Minor updates to all naming convention stored procedures

•March 20, 2011 • Leave a Comment

The minor update contains a bug fix. Because of the bug, the naming stored procedures, could in some cases try to rename objects, even if the old and new name were the same.

I also included the ability to generate a rollback script, in case the renamed objects needed to be rolled back to their original names. (don’t know why, I never thought of that feature, until I had to do it manually) 😉


New publications on sqlservercentral

•October 6, 2010 • Comments Off on New publications on sqlservercentral

At last…

I have now completed the development, testing  and documentation for of all of my naming convention stored procedures. These procedures are published on my own site, but I have also published them on www.sqlservercentral.com. In the next couple of days, they will each be published in the sqlservercentral newsletter and in scripts section.

Welcome to my new blog

•March 14, 2010 • Comments Off on Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.

Here I will publish some of the scripts I have used thought-out my carrier as a SQL Server professional. All scripts have been rewritten from scratch, and I have limited myself to use only SQL 2005 supported syntax, and system tables, I don’t use the backward compatibility views, or  information_schema views.  My scripts only support SQL Server 2005 and forward. I don’t want to support pre 2005 editions, because it would be a serious limitation in my work, and it would require far more dynamic SQL, than I like.

I have spent a lot of time, ensuring that it would work, even if people uses non literal characters in object name, or are using a case-sensitive collation. For most scripts, I have also created unit test scripts, for ensuring, that if I changes the code, it would still function as designed.

For quality control and release management, I have created some Powershell scripts, which assist me in packaging the release scripts, and test runs all generated scripts against two test SQL Servers. One setup for SQL 2005, and the other  for SQL 2008. Both are setup without service packs, so that I don’t use a feature, which only are available from a specific service pack. For example the system function object_schema_name.

Because I rewritten my scripts for public publication, I have tried to provide the scripts, with a more detailed documentation, than I normally would provide.